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You will always aspire to be the best version of yourself in an interview, but the best thing you can do is to be yourself.


Preparation is key:

  • Know the name of your interviewer and their title

  • Research the company; visit their website, visit a showroom, office or branch of theirs to get a feel for how they function

  • Know their main competitors

  • Know your sales figures/achievements off by heart

  • Prepare questions for the interviewer about the company/position

  • Take a notepad and pen with you to make any notes

  • If applicable take a portfolio or examples of some of your work


Plan your route:

  • Don’t be late. Being late is not a good first impression. Aim to be their 10 minutes early so you are calm and clear headed. Check traffic updates/roadworks/train times etc and prepare for the unexpected.


Dress code:

  • Research the company’s dress code. Make sure your shoes are clean.

  • Do not wear strong aftershave/perfume


Eye contact:

  • Always maintain eye contact and remember to smile. If you have more than one interviewer, make eye contact with all parties to help build a rapport.


Keep it positive:

  • Do not badmouth your previous employer, you can be honest about your reasons for leaving but keep it short and to the point.


If you follow these few simple tips, stay calm and confident, you will have every chance of securing that opportunity you want and deserve.


Our specialist consultants at Oval Deene are here to support you through the interview process. In most cases, we would have met with a hiring manager and therefore know what their looking for and can anticipate the structure of the interview.


Please get in touch with us on 01435 873941 for any interview/preparation advice.






Interview Tips